Welcome to Trek Tours, Ltd.

“We know all the places to go and all the ways to get there!”

About Our Company

Trek Tours, Ltd. was established by business partners Deirdre Lonergan and Pat Lawrie in 1976. Their passion for travel, cultures and learning were the driving force behind making their dreams a reality. History, Art, Music Theater, planes trains automobiles, hot air balloons and computers were the deal! In the early years of Trek they maintained offices in Westerly, RI, Block Island RI, Stonington, Ct. and even a London connection all while keeping the company carefully and thoughtfully managed and run. Trek became a purveyor of dreams. Because of the size of the company and its diversity the business and partnership thrived. Pat succumbed to cancer in 2002. Twenty Six years and never an argument…….What a Run! After Pat’s death the choices and responsibility fell to Deirdre. Smaller was better. The business was consolidated in Westerly (of which prestigious Watch Hill is part) in its current home; a restored red 1830’s federal in the heart of town. It is lovingly maintained and cared for by Deirdre and her husband. With the help of her accomplished and devoted staff Trek has weathered what Deirdre refers to as “the Travel Wars” for 34 years. Their customers come from everywhere today! Why and how? For knowledge, first hand experience, tiny three star hotels and small out of the way gems in the form of restaurants, museums and vistas because they hear it from a friend or read an article. They become part of their own travel planning. The passion that we put into the creation of your travel experience is remarkable. An internet booking soon becomes a relationship with someone who knows your voice and you theirs. The client base is enormous; London to Australia, Greenland to Chile and thousands of spots between “trekkies” can be found! In the current economic environment thousands of travel agencies have folded or consolidated, Today Trek stands tall in its big red building at 34 and is quite possibly the oldest independently owned and operated agency by the same woman in New England if not the United States. (without the help or addition of “sister Sally husband John or daughters Jane and Mary”). Trek is quite simply Trek, a by-word, a password, a reality! A pioneer in the art of creating incredible journeys, fantastic voyages and just great travel, Trek Tours makes your dreams come true!