Welcome to Trek Tours, Ltd.

“We know all the places to go and all the ways to get there!”

A note from Deirdre:
The “Troop of Trek” are all superb agents. Their talents represent the best that the travel industry has to offer. They collectively combine the study of our world with all its foibles, the idiosyncrasies of navigating the great beyond, and helping you with the logistics that you require create great memories of your special trip. Each agent brings to Trek their own special set of gifts. Let me introduce you to them!

  • Debbie Spaziante
  • Robyn Trombley Powell
  • Peg Tumicki
  • Monica Feliciano
  • Pam Salimeno
  • Betty Jo Brown
  • Deridre Lonergan
  • Debbie Spaziante
    Sitting to Deirdre’s left; Debbie has become Deirdre’s right hand. They share the big double parlors of the old house, so they know each others stuff! The constant “sound bites” of business make theirs a corporative effort. Some days you will find them both on the same base, just because two heads are better than one. Debbie has lived in Europe and has traveled all over the world, before, thru, for, and with Trek! The mother of two grown sons, one of them a “Londoner”, Debbie can get any trip together in a flash! You will find her enthusiasm for your “Trek” irresistible. She often travels with clients and friends to exciting soft adventure destinations. She can be reached at das@trektours.com or 401-596-0357

    Robyn Trombley Powell
    Robyn Trombley Powell has been in the travel industry for more than 25 years. She prides herself on establishing a true connection with her clients whether planning a quick weekend getaway or month long adventure!. Robyn draws on numerous past visits of her own to help clients experience the best that Disney World and indeed the world has to offer. She brings a wealth of computer knowledge and skill to Trek Tours. She joined the family of Trek in September of 2011 her knowledge of the industry is a welcome addition to the far horizons of Trek Tours. rap@trektours.com or 401-596-0357

    Peg Tumicki
    A veteran of 32 years in the industry, Peg has a loyal following. She often arranges small groups and accompanies her client/friends on fantastic voyages. A master cruiser, frequent visitor to Ireland and parts beyond, Peg was persuaded (Deirdre twisted her arm) to “come out of retirement” and join the Trek Troop! She is always “on call” for the planning of your next voyage! You may find her at pegtumicki@gmail.com, inquiries@trektours.com or 401-596-0357

    Monica Feliciano
    Monica is a firecracker! A master of the Caribbean, Spas (worldwide) she is wonderful at planning family, group trips, and romantic getaways for honeymooners or just “honeys”. Monica’s dedication will surely lead you to the perfect destination at your point perfect price. The mother of two girls she is busy with them and her husband. They often take the “girls” on a getaway. She is perfect at finding destinations which have appeal for all! Her interests include tennis, riding, gymnastics and even half marathons. All of these elements combine with her up-beat attitude to make her a joy to work with. E-mail her a maf@trektours.com or call 401-596-0357.

    Pam Salimeno
    Pam is a self proclaimed “air force brat”. She has lived in many different places and has done many different things. She brings a keen sense of humor to the work place. Whatever your style of travel, she will find it. Her “dog with a bone” research will surely make your travels a success. Pam travels frequently with family. In addition she spends as much time as possible volunteering for her favorite charities. She can be found at ps@trektours.com or 401-596-0357

    Betty Jo Brown
    Deirdre’s first employee ever! “Beej” joined Trek at age 16 in 1978. She is now the “keeper of the keys” (bookkeeper). The entire staff is dependent on her for sorting out the accounting questions that often arise. Betty Jo has done it all, therefore she is an invaluable help to everyone. Always ready to fix things, her high standards and fair mindedness coupled with her experience and good judgment make her everyone’s right hand! Any questions send her a message at bj.brown@trektours.com or leave a message at 401-596-0357