Welcome to Trek Tours, Ltd.

“We know all the places to go and all the ways to get there!”

Trek Tours, Ltd. welcomes you to its user friendly web site. We, like you our clients employ the internet. Let it be your aide, but do not let it replace the personal relationship that you will enjoy working with a travel professional. It enables all of us to expand our knowledge and capabilities. While the internet is a valuable informational tool it cannot replace the benefits of using a true travel professional. We are your advocate in this ever changing and confusing maze of travel information and offers.

The expertise of a Trek Tours travel consultant allows you make wise choices in regard to the spending of your valuable hard earned travel dollars and lead you to create memories that will last a life time. The use of our services will save you much time and money. We will help you to make your travel experience a perfect fit. There are countless suppliers, who have special offerings that do not appear on the internet. The personal experience of a staff member of Trek Tours will bring you to the right choice for you! Our expertise encompasses travels to more than 140 countries over more than 100 years of combined travel experience.

We take your travel seriously. Plans are carefully discussed. They are more than the scheduling of hotels, car rentals, sightseeing, etc.. They are the fulfillment of your dreams. For 34 years the byline of Trek has been, “interested in incredible journeys, fantastic voyages or just plain travel…….Trust in Trek”!

We are proud members of SIGNATURE. As members of this consortium we have been chosen as leaders in the industry. We are in the top 1% of professional travel organizations in today’s market. A local business with world wide connections and international clout defines us!. As personal as your relationship with your Trek Tours travel consultant is, it has all of the benefits of doing business with a large company. More than that it is personal, special and one on one!